Sautéed vegetables with pasta

This is a variation of pasta I like to call vegetable stir fry with pasta, the main ingredients being veggies and not the carbs. It’s perfect for eating a variety of vegetables at once and had just the right left over veggies in the fridge. Preparation took about 30 minutes.

I used a little bit of garlic, half an onion, half of a medium sized eggplant, half a zucchini and tomatoes and sautéed them in olive oil and a dash of red wine. I only used 1 big tomato to avoid the rest of the veggies from becoming soggy (for a vegetable sauce I usually use 2-3 tomatoes.) I added salt, lemon pepper, half a teaspoon of powdered vegetable broth, dried herbs and a few drops of green Tabasco (jalapeño sauce) at the end. Then mixed the veggies with some Fusilli curly pasta-voilà!

This dish is also good served cold during hot summer days. It’s light, healthy and still satisfying. One can also add or use instead a variety of other veggies, such as red/yellow/green peppers or asparagus.