Looking ahead to 2020

It’s still mid-2019, summer is about to retire, even though it’s still warm. After performances that occupied me during the first half of the year, the summer months were devoted to my students, teaching, preparing them for their performances, judging competitions, a master class and related business travel. In short, it was a very busy summer despite being off work at my colleges during summer break. And the summer heat and humidity didn’t help things! But finally temperatures and humidity have begun to drop a bit, and most projects planned for mid-year have been completed.

Now, as the fall semester begins, I start focusing on my own recital coming up at the beginning of 2020. Flyers, tickets, invitations have been printed. This time, the program includes Schubert’s last piano sonata, a huge piece I have been studying for decades and finally feel “old enough” (as in having the necessary emotional maturity) to perform. The second half will include a selection from Iberia by Isaac Albéniz. Here, I hope I’m still “young enough” (as in having the necessary physical stamina) to play those technically challenging pieces. I’ll be performing a 5 piece selection from Iberia, including “Triana” and “El Albaicín.”

Preparing for this solo recital alongside the teaching work will take up the rest of the year, including winter break. Well, so be it .

Below is the front of the recital flyer: