What’s been cooking recently…

After getting into making cucumber pickles (see previous post,) I also made radish (daikon) pickles, as well as pickles using Japanese mountain yams (yamaimo) with umeboshi (preserved salty plums) flavor.

Here is a lunch ham and cheese sandwich with my pickled cucumbers and marinated fresh Italian tomatoes, bruschetta style. The picture isn’t very good but it tasted fab.

Now I’m over the pickles phase, so the next picture is of another glass noodles stir fry I made today. This time I used marinated spicy beef (soy sauce, sake, mirin, doubanjian), onions, garlic, green pea sprouts, green peppers and soybean sprouts. I prepared the beef, garlic and onions together, then the remaining vegetables using different spices (salt, pepper, chicken broth).