It’s been a while…

A few months have passed since my last post in November. Since then, a new decade has begun. And now it’s already February of 2020…! Time flies

As preparations for my recital in the beginning of January took up a lot of time and focus, I skipped the usual end-of-year things and ignored the holidays altogether. No massive end-of-year cleaning, holiday cooking, New Year things. After the recital, it took a long time to recover, physically as well as mentally (this probably due to just getting older…,) and so I’m finally resurfacing here almost a month after the recital. More on this topic perhaps another time.

But here are some of the things I did cook up during this time. Even though this winter here has been incredibly mild, even too mild for my taste, I like making oatmeal for breakfast during colder months. Here is one variation from when I happened to have some fresh fruits around. I usually cook oatmeal with low-fat milk and add honey and dried cranberries. Here, topped with fresh strawberries, blueberries and apple slices.

Even though I ignored the entire holiday season, the supermarket nearby had a few nice “holiday sales” for items such as these: a mini-charcuterie board.

Some very nice brie from France, some acceptable cheese from here, some tasty jamón serrano and salami from Spain along with some gherkins from Germany.

Yesterday, it was time again for my meat sauce. This time a cheesy variation by just adding some shredded cheese to the sauce before tossing in the pasta.