Tamagoyaki-Japanese Style Omelette

Tamagoyaki, a pan-fried, rolled omelette-type way of cooking eggs in Japan, can come in different shapes, sizes, ingredients and flavors, and can be eaten hot or cold. Some Tamagoyaki, also dependent on the region, can be sweet, salty or almost tasteless. They can be served hot out of the pan, cooked with dashi broth or with a thicker sauce, as well as cold as a side dish or as a sushi topping. Suffice it to say, it’s as versatile as the western omelette.

Small, rectangular pans are used to make Tamagoyaki, that make it easier to roll them and give them this kind of shape:

Fresh out of the rectangular Tamagoyaki frying pan

Yesterday, I made some that came out particularly well. The ingredients are as follows:

  • Eggs, beaten
  • White dashi sauce
  • Mirin (Sweet sake)
  • Scallions or leeks (optional)
  • Salt
  • Milk

I don’t think the standard recipe calls for milk, but I add a small amount to make them softer. They are cooked with normal vegetable oil, in layers that are rolled up carefully. Yesterday, I served them hot, the leftovers were just as good cold today.

Cut into slices and serve!

Personally, I prefer the savory, not the sweet kind.