Brunch? Banana Pancakes and Curry Corn Salad

I almost never bake or make sweet stuff, but once in a while, I miss a good brunch like the ones I often enjoyed while living in New York City. So I tried my hand at some banana pancakes the other day. Admittedly, I used a pancake mix, but these came out rather well. Instead of completing the brunch menu with hash browns, bacon, eggs and unlimited coffee, I opted for one of my specialties: Curry Corn Salad.

This one is a simple recipe but always hits the spot. It’s only canned corn, diced pickles and diced cheese combined with mayonnaise, curry powder, paprika, vinegar, salt and pepper and whatever dried herbs are available. Somehow, the curry flavored mayo goes extremely well with cheese and corn. The pickles add crunch to the texture.

Of course, this was accompanied by lots of coffee…

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