#wearadamnmask 2

Another few weeks have passed. COVID-19 is still going strong.

Temperatures and humidity are going up, the rainy season here seems endless this year and wearing masks in this climate is not easy. But I do. Every time I go outside, even when it’s for a few minutes.

I now have a drawer devoted to masks!

Different shapes, textures, colors, material, washable, disposable… For some reason, the consensus here is, that white disposable paper masks look “professional.” Weird, but whatever. So the white ones are for work. Other ones for daily non-work related outings. A dear friend sent me a bunch of masks from Taiwan. Bless her! The blue ones are the Taiwanese ones. Of course, I still have those from the Sharp lottery. And on the bottom of the drawer somewhere are those silly “Abenomask” tiny gauze masks from the government here. Those will stay there until I have some use for some pieces of gauze…

In any case, I see discussion, debate, verbal fights about mask wearing STILL continues in some corners of the world. Like mask wearing is a big deal or something. It’s really not. People have to adapt to new situations and this is no different. So stop spending energy on mask debates and just