Cooking with Sauerkraut

Sauerkraut, a European side dish made of fermented cabbage. It’s tangy, salty, sour, flavorful and healthy, as all fermented produce are. Having grown up in Germany, it was just a thing that came with a lot of meals, was served everywhere from high class restaurants to pubs, bars and cafeterias. Spiced and prepared differently depending on the region, it has a long shelf life and is cheap.

The pictures below shows a dish I came up with trying to imitate the southern German dish “Schupfnudeln.” I knew it mostly as a street food available during wine or beer festivals, or the annual Christmas markets.

Using gnocchi as a replacement “Schupfnudel,” this is a rather close imitation of the original. The Sauerkraut is prepared with onions, bacon and spiced with salt, pepper, a bit of powdered beef (or other) broth, paprika, topped off with a bit of cooking wine. Mix with gnocchi and ready to serve.

Another variation of how I like to prepare Sauerkraut, is pictured below: Spicy Sauerkraut Asian Style. Something I used to make while in Germany. Prepared with sesame oil, soy sauce and tobanjan or “Doubanjiang” (Red chili bean paste) and corn, canned or frozen. It goes well with rice, noodles, or anything else actually.