Cooking with Spinach and Tomatoes and an Update Nov. 2020

It’s been a while. Again.

Last month, things were rather hectic. While the college I teach at has been doing in-person teaching since June, the university just started doing so for the fall semester, at least for one-on-one and ensemble lessons. Already, there have been a few Covid cases confirmed, but other than a day and a half of campus closure for disinfecting purposes, things go on. A planned faculty concert of our department underwent a last-minute change in format and was billed as a “lecture” to get approved. So I performed a 2 piano piece with a colleague (without masks) along with a mini lecture (with mask,) for which we obviously rehearsed beforehand (with masks.) Such is the new normal at work.

Last week, I was pretty much glued to the TV, following the elections in the US. Wow. While I’m certainly glad of the outcome, the fact that it was this close is scary and what is happening in the aftermath leaves me incredulous, to say the least…

I also upgraded my iPhone after almost 4 years, and while it took a while to set everything up, here is my first picture. Rigatoni with Tomato and Spinach. Yum! And the detail is quite nice with this new iPhone 12 camera 🙂

This is not really a sauce. Just fresh tomatoes, garlic, olive oil, herbs and spices. Adding the spinach last before tossing it with the rigatoni.

Here is another pic of some Scrambled Eggs with Spinach and Tomatoes. Yes, I’m going through a pack of spinach and some fresh tomatoes right now 🙂

Served between toasted English muffins as a hot sandwich:

Anyway, it is hard to believe that this year 2020 is almost at its end. Time flies at an alarming pace and this year in particular was bizarre and abnormal. I hope that this abnormality doesn’t become permanent. Whatever “new normal” means, we, as human beings, have got to do better than this.

And #Wearadamnmask!