Konnyaku, or Konjac

Konnyaku, or konjac (蒟蒻、こんにゃく)chewy and wiggly, may look bizarre to some. However, it is a very versatile, healthy type of vegetarian food made from konjac yams. It can be processed into shirataki noodles, which can be cooked in different ways. Even the normal konnyaku “bar” can be prepared in so many ways, not to mention the sweetened kinds. Konjac also has a very low calorie count, as well as a high count of dietary fiber. It is said that its health benefits are numerous…

Konjac can be prepared many different ways and come in different shapes. The most basic is the “bar” of konjac. They are also sold in ball shape, pebbles, noodles, strings, as well as those little fruity konjac cups, which taste a bit like Jello deserts with very high viscosity.

Below is a picture of some classic konjac, prepared from a normal bar that is cut into slices and then twisted. I usually fry them in sesame oil for a short time, adding sugar, then boiling in dashi, mirin, soy sauce. Red pepper flakes can be added as well.

Bite sized with a spoon, cooked with fish cake and radish