A Walk in the Park

Hey, it’s spring. After a lackluster, mild winter spring came early, too early for my taste. It’s also spring break right now, and while unable to travel abroad freely and safely, at least there are some spots nearby that are worth taking a lazy walk, enjoy some sunshine. Well, maybe not lazy, because it was actually rather crowded.

Actually, I’m not into cherry blossoms and all that comes with it in this country (for example, like feeling the need to sit underneath a bunch of blossoming trees in a group on a blue (usually) plastic sheet while eating and getting drunk together, known here as “hanami.”) But I digress.

Here are some pics from a walk I took to nearby ponds at Shakujii park

This also gave me an opportunity to try out different things on the iphone 12 camera. Cool. And, to move around a bit outdoors, as I do tend to spend copious amounts of time watching Netflix…(right now I’m hot and heavy into The Blacklist, which I only watch because of Spader!)