Summer ’21

And yet again, it’s been a while.
It seems that every year, temperatures are considered “hotter than usual” and the summer of 2021 was no different. Handling the heat is becoming more difficult as the years go on (or, it’s more likely that I’m becoming less tolerant to it with age..) No matter where I went, even all the way up north, it was excruciatingly hot. My little handheld fan saved the day so many times!

It’s been a busy summer here, what with multiple business trips around the country, exams at work, getting vaccinated (finally!) and so on. It was the second summer wearing masks, that are obviously still mandatory here and unlike in other countries, people don’t really have a problem with it. So travel within the country is relatively safe. I took the bullet train many times and also flew on an airplane for the first time since the pandemic started. I have to say that I felt safer on the plane than the train. For some reason, people here love to eat and drink on trains and with that, masks come off…(I will never understand the custom here that has everyone rip into their bento boxes, snacks and consume copious amounts of beer as soon as the train starts moving. Like it’s some kid of ritual…)

On my flight I caught some nice sights of the sunset.

I also went up to our mountain house for a few days and cooked up a storm, as usual.

Summer is almost over, one of my schools has already started, and I absolutely can’t wait for cooler temperatures and less humidity.