Grilled salmon cream sauce

It’s been a while since my last post.
That doesn’t mean, I haven’t been cooking though.
However, things have been busy during the last half of 2021 and the beginning of this current year. Time flies…

I hardly ever cook fish, but here, I improvised a salmon cream sauce pasta dish.
First I grilled salmon fillets drizzled with olive oil, salt and pepper and fresh dill. This turned out quite nice and could have been served as is, but I was set on a pasta sauce. So, I made a cream sauce by first sautéing onions with olive oil, salt, garlic and white wine. This was important as it gave the sauce a tasty base. Then, covered the sauteed onions with flour and added cream, lemon juice and more white wine. I also added green asparagus and green peas, then blended in the grilled salmon at the end. Added more dill, chicken and vegetable bouillon powder, salt and pepper, and served on top of spaghetti, in this case. Any pasta would do, as well as rice.

This came out rather tasty. Maybe I’ll try to cook more salmon from now on…