Sesame-Cilantro sauce

A sauce or marinade or dressing? All of the above. And more. This sauce can be used for cold sesame noodles with a twist, for marinating any meat or fish, as a dip, or as a salad dressing. Cilantro, or coriander, or pakchee (パクチー)as it is called here in Japan and some Asian countries, adds […]

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Summer ’21

And yet again, it’s been a while. It seems that every year, temperatures are considered “hotter than usual” and the summer of 2021 was no different. Handling the heat is becoming more difficult as the years go on (or, it’s more likely that I’m becoming less tolerant to it with age..) No matter where I […]

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Schubert CD

#whatididduringthepandemic One of the few things that I was able to do as planned, was recording this CD. 2 sessions in 2020, one for each sonata. These two, monumental works by Schubert, written during the last months of his life, have been on my radar for quite some time and I’m glad that many years […]

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A Walk in the Park

Hey, it’s spring. After a lackluster, mild winter spring came early, too early for my taste. It’s also spring break right now, and while unable to travel abroad freely and safely, at least there are some spots nearby that are worth taking a lazy walk, enjoy some sunshine. Well, maybe not lazy, because it was […]

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Chijimi: Savory Pancakes

Chijimi are savory Korean pancakes, crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside. They can be filled with all kinds of vegetables, seafood or meat, providing endless variations. They are served with a soy-sauce and vinegar-based dipping sauce, which again can have many variations, according to taste. Here, I made Kimchi Chijimi by mixing […]

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Konnyaku, or Konjac

Konnyaku, or konjac (蒟蒻、こんにゃく)chewy and wiggly, may look bizarre to some. However, it is a very versatile, healthy type of vegetarian food made from konjac yams. It can be processed into shirataki noodles, which can be cooked in different ways. Even the normal konnyaku “bar” can be prepared in so many ways, not to mention […]

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Romaine Lettuce Stir Fry

I love salads. One of my favorite kind of lettuce is Romaine Lettuce. Not just for the basic Cesar Salad, but for all kinds of salads and for sandwiches. Sometimes, the outer leaves of the Romaine lettuce head can be tough, thick, looking almost like kale, tasting rather bitter. So for those tougher leaves, I […]

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Versatile Napa Cabbage

Winter is upon us, and this is the season when Napa or Chinese cabbage prices go down. I usually get a quarter cut of a huge head and it’s enough for a few meals. Other than stir frying with other seasonal vegetables, this year I’m into cooking the following two ways. But there are many […]

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