About Mozuku and Konnyaku

Mozuku (Cladosiphon okamuranus) is an edible seaweed harvested in the oceans of Okinawa. During my trip to Okinawa, I had it every day and brought home a pack of thick and healthy looking Mozuku (太もずく). Mozuku is extremely healthy and is said to have cancer preventative, anti-aging properties, among other various health benefits. Unlike the […]

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Pinchos at Lizarran

Yesterday, I had dinner between two events at Lizarran in Shimbashi, Tokyo. A nice Spanish restaurant known for their pinchos. Suffice to say, it was excellent! A call for reservations a week in advance wasn’t early enough to get a table, so we were seated at the bar, which turned out to be just fine, […]

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Big sandwich au jus

So what if I feel like a big sandwich for dinner? Usually my preferred lunch, but why not for dinner? I love homemade sandwiches. Especially ones that feature deli meats, cheeses, veggies and sometimes eggs. What goes into a sandwich depends on what happens to be in my fridge. Sometimes I put a whole fried […]

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Beef with onions and shirataki noodles

This is a traditional Japanese dish. Beef cooked in dashi with onions and shirataki noodles. Served over rice, it’s called “Gyudon,” or rice bowl with beef topping. A sort of Japanese comfort food… I prefer eating the beef and rice separately but it’s tasty both ways. Ingredients Beef Onions, sliced Shirataki noodles Dashi Sake Mirin […]

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