Spicy grilled salmon salad

Leftover grilled salmon? Combine with Mayonnaise Red chili oil (spicy red pepper sesame oil) Vinegar Salt Lemon juice Green onions Great with rice or for making sushi rolls. I had it with a bowl of edamame rice and Korean seaweed. The same ingredients also work well with raw salmon tataki. With smoked salmon I also […]

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About Mozuku and Konnyaku

Mozuku (Cladosiphon okamuranus) is an edible seaweed harvested in the oceans of Okinawa. During my trip to Okinawa, I had it every day and brought home a pack of thick and healthy looking Mozuku (太もずく). Mozuku is extremely healthy and is said to have cancer preventative, anti-aging properties, among other various health benefits. Unlike the […]

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Trip to Okinawa

Finally, it was Vacation Time! This year, a short 4 days/3 nights trip to Naha, Okinawa, my first time to the islands down south. It was a reunion trip with two friends from my days as a doctoral student back in New York City. Students in New York back then, now many years later, each […]

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Pinchos at Lizarran

Yesterday, I had dinner between two events at Lizarran in Shimbashi, Tokyo. A nice Spanish restaurant known for their pinchos. Suffice to say, it was excellent! A call for reservations a week in advance wasn’t early enough to get a table, so we were seated at the bar, which turned out to be just fine, […]

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The end of this academic year

So, I have decided to write from hereon some “journal-style” entries on this blog. After much of my activity on this site has become about cooking and food (which I will continue to blog about,) I thought a bit of variety wouldn’t hurt. After all, this blog is called This and That. And so I […]

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Big sandwich au jus

So what if I feel like a big sandwich for dinner? Usually my preferred lunch, but why not for dinner? I love homemade sandwiches. Especially ones that feature deli meats, cheeses, veggies and sometimes eggs. What goes into a sandwich depends on what happens to be in my fridge. Sometimes I put a whole fried […]

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