Summer ’21

And yet again, it’s been a while. It seems that every year, temperatures are considered “hotter than usual” and the summer of 2021 was no different. Handling the heat is becoming more difficult as the years go on (or, it’s more likely that I’m becoming less tolerant to it with age..) No matter where I […]

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Tateshina Beef

Every year, I spend a few days up in the mountains in Tateshina, Nagano prefecture, where we have a little old house. Old, because it was built the years before I was born. At 1300 meters altitude, surrounded by trees, it’s usually cooler up there. Known as the Shinshu region, they have great produce, all […]

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What’s been cooking recently…

After getting into making cucumber pickles (see previous post,) I also made radish (daikon) pickles, as well as pickles using Japanese mountain yams (yamaimo) with umeboshi (preserved salty plums) flavor. Here is a lunch ham and cheese sandwich with my pickled cucumbers and marinated fresh Italian tomatoes, bruschetta style. The picture isn’t very good but […]

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Beef with onions and shirataki noodles

This is a traditional Japanese dish. Beef cooked in dashi with onions and shirataki noodles. Served over rice, it’s called “Gyudon,” or rice bowl with beef topping. A sort of Japanese comfort food… I prefer eating the beef and rice separately but it’s tasty both ways. Ingredients Beef Onions, sliced Shirataki noodles Dashi Sake Mirin […]

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Spicy beef with green peppers

This is a variation of the Chinese dish “Chinjaorosu,” normally beef with peppers made with oyster sauce. This variation was made up as I went. Ingredients Beef Peppers, julienned Soy sauce Grated ginger Sake Mirin (Japanese condiment similar to rice wine with high sugar content) Potato starch Rayu oil (spicy sesame oil) Sesame oil First […]

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