Stuffed Peppers Japanese Style

Green peppers here are tiny compared to those in the US or Europe. But they are flavorful and versatile. For the filling I use the standard hamburger patty preparation: ground meat, onions, egg, panko (breadcrumbs), salt, pepper, Worcestershire sauce and paprika. They turned out delicious, served with a side of rice. Cooking IS relaxing

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Year’s End Post

So 2018 is about to end. Already. This year has gone by in a flash. Especially the second half of this year has passed so quickly, I remember the end of a long, hot summer like it was a few weeks ago. During the first half of this year, I went to Munich for a […]

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Sautéed vegetables with pasta

This is a variation of pasta I like to call vegetable stir fry with pasta, the main ingredients being veggies and not the carbs. It’s perfect for eating a variety of vegetables at once and had just the right left over veggies in the fridge. Preparation took about 30 minutes. I used a little bit […]

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Cutlets made with cornflakes

Today’s dinner menu: chicken tender cutlets. Making cutlets is rather time consuming and requires a big production what with flour, egg, crumbs, and the aftermath of frying something -the cleaning part- is cumbersome, too. So I don’t do this very often, but today I decided to try making cutlets with chicken tenders made with a […]

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Cooking is relaxing

Having a few days off, it was time to do some decent cooking. I hate to brag, but my tomato sauces are pretty awesome! Today, it was meat sauce made with fresh tomatoes. First, I sauté garlic and onions, adding salt right away. This draws out the onion’s juices and prevents them from getting brown […]

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