Stuffed Peppers Japanese Style

Green peppers here are tiny compared to those in the US or Europe. But they are flavorful and versatile. For the filling I use the standard hamburger patty preparation: ground meat, onions, egg, panko (breadcrumbs), salt, pepper, Worcestershire sauce and paprika. They turned out delicious, served with a side of rice. Cooking IS relaxing

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What’s been cooking recently…

After getting into making cucumber pickles (see previous post,) I also made radish (daikon) pickles, as well as pickles using Japanese mountain yams (yamaimo) with umeboshi (preserved salty plums) flavor. Here is a lunch ham and cheese sandwich with my pickled cucumbers and marinated fresh Italian tomatoes, bruschetta style. The picture isn’t very good but […]

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Spicy beef with green peppers

This is a variation of the Chinese dish “Chinjaorosu,” normally beef with peppers made with oyster sauce. This variation was made up as I went. Ingredients Beef Peppers, julienned Soy sauce Grated ginger Sake Mirin (Japanese condiment similar to rice wine with high sugar content) Potato starch Rayu oil (spicy sesame oil) Sesame oil First […]

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