Ratatouille stuff

I love Ratatouille! It’s so versatile and healthy, I make it in different variations. The other day, I happened to have some of the ingredients in the fridge, and I made pasta with a ratatouille-ish sauce. The key to Ratatouille is of course the use of Herbs de Provence. Not too easy to come by […]

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It’s been a while…

A few months have passed since my last post in November. Since then, a new decade has begun. And now it’s already February of 2020…! Time flies As preparations for my recital in the beginning of January took up a lot of time and focus, I skipped the usual end-of-year things and ignored the holidays […]

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Lemon chicken pasta with Mizuna

Today’s dinner idea came to me while buying groceries at the supermarket. I had just bought a bag of fresh linguine, so I thought of a new pasta recipe. It’s a very easy and quick pasta recipe perfect for hot summer days. Ingredients: Lemon juice (freshly squeezed or 100% bottled lemon juice) White cooking wine […]

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Quick and easy Summer Pasta

Not much time and don’t feel like cooking for a long time during hot summer days? Here is what I tried for lunch today: a very quick and easy Summer Pasta dish. While boiling the spaghetti, in this case the thin kind, prepare the “sauce” or “marinade” or “dressing.” It’s a bit of all three, […]

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Sautéed vegetables with pasta

This is a variation of pasta I like to call vegetable stir fry with pasta, the main ingredients being veggies and not the carbs. It’s perfect for eating a variety of vegetables at once and had just the right left over veggies in the fridge. Preparation took about 30 minutes. I used a little bit […]

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Cooking is relaxing

Having a few days off, it was time to do some decent cooking. I hate to brag, but my tomato sauces are pretty awesome! Today, it was meat sauce made with fresh tomatoes. First, I sauté garlic and onions, adding salt right away. This draws out the onion’s juices and prevents them from getting brown […]

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