What’s been cooking recently…

After getting into making cucumber pickles (see previous post,) I also made radish (daikon) pickles, as well as pickles using Japanese mountain yams (yamaimo) with umeboshi (preserved salty plums) flavor. Here is a lunch ham and cheese sandwich with my pickled cucumbers and marinated fresh Italian tomatoes, bruschetta style. The picture isn’t very good but […]

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Sautéed vegetables with pasta

This is a variation of pasta I like to call vegetable stir fry with pasta, the main ingredients being veggies and not the carbs. It’s perfect for eating a variety of vegetables at once and had just the right left over veggies in the fridge. Preparation took about 30 minutes. I used a little bit […]

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Green vegetable sauté

It’s been a while since I last wrote something here. Why? Simple answer is, I was busy. Here, the school year begins in April, meaning since late January, I’ve been busier than usual with exam preparations, exams, tests, student performances, student concerts, as well as all kinds of preparations for the new school year (for […]

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